How to find us


Once you arrive in Montevideo…
If you arrive by ship, the best option is to walk directly to Posada al Sur, since we are located only 5 blocks away from Montevideo harbour.
If you arrive by bus at Tres Cruces terminal in Montevideo, you can take a local bus with destination “Ciudad Vieja” (Old Town) from the stop which is located in front of the terminal. You have to get off at the stop located at 25 de Mayo and Pérez Castellano streets or at Cerrito and Pérez Castellano streets. A ticket costst 14 pesos (0,70 USD) per person. Another not that cheap option to arrive at Posada al Sur is to take a cab (100 pesos more or less, or 5 USD).
If you arrive at Carrasco Airport there is a great variety of intercity buses which will bring you to Río Branco terminal, pretty close to Posada al Sur. The ticket is 23 Uruguayan pesos per person (about one USD). From there we suggest to take a cab, which costs between 30 and 50 pesos (1,5 and 2,5 USD). This is the chapest way to get to Posada al Sur. There is also the possibility to take a cab or “remise” (private taxi). These are more comfortable, but also more expensive options (400 pesos or 20 USD more or less).