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Posada al Sur is located in the hearth of Ciudad Vieja (Old Town), the historic colonial city center of Montevideo. Its location, next to Montevideo harbour, the seaside boulevard and downtown allows you to move easily around the city. Surrounded by art galleries and colonial buildings, Posada al Sur and the surrounding neighborhood have a particular charm where past and present come together, which can only be experienced in this part of the city.


It is important to remark that Posada al Sur is headquarters of Retos al Sur, a non-governmental organization born in Montevideo out of the undertaking of young people of different disciplines. The objectives of this initiative are to promote, sustain and carry out experiences of social networks, social economy and cultural production both in Uruguay and the Cono Sur by means of an approach that has human dignity, the respect for socio-cultural diversity and the environment as well as the encounter South-South between the peoples of the world at its core.


Being the first point of information and practice of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Uruguay, Posada al Sur has been declared of interes by the National Ministerium of Tourism and Sports and the Italian responsible tourism network Viaggi e Miraggi.


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